This series speaks a lot to social constructs and how mass media influence our desires, opinions and norms. Strange social standards and etiquette. Many of the pieces in this series deal with materialism, consumerism and advertising. I attempt to create paintings that question the ideas we can passively take as normal as to how our society should function. We prize items that have no depth and listen to advertising on how to value ourselves and find happiness. We idolize people in sport and film over scientists and doctors. Not everything in the world is as it seems. There is a veil of distraction that is meant to hold our attention and keep us “normalized”. The style of painting reflects the ideas in the work. Trompe l’ oeil translates literally to “deceives the eye”. This work is meant to trick the eye just as advertising is meant to trick the mind. Question everything. Change your world to suit you, don’t change yourself to suit the world.

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